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AlumiFence Quick Mount Knob Kit

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The AlumiFence can be mounted to the professional T-Glide fence with the existing screws in the plywood face, or the Quick Mount Knob Kit can be used providing additional benefits.

The AlumiFence has extra tapped holes so the fence can be centered front to back on the T-Glide fence, or moved forward or back to maximize support for any given operation. Many users find moving the AlumiFence forward on long rips enhances support and results.

Because the AlumiFence is machined straight, is solid and stable, three knobs adequately fasten it to the T-Glide fence. Repositioning front to back with the knobs is much faster and easier than accessing, removing, and reinstalling the 9 screws from the bottom of the T-Glide fence.

The mounting knobs are accessed when the fence is on the saw in normal operating position. This enables you to easily position the AlumiFence leaving a gap between it and the saw table, eliminating slivers and debris from catching along the bottom of the fence. The AlumiFence can just as easily be positioned tight against the table when cutting thin material like laminate.