Corner Rounding Unit

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Quickly and easily round corners without setting up a jig. No Measuring, No Guess Work

Radius any 90° outside corner in seconds.

Adjustable for any radius 3/4" to 3 1/2".

Produces a true radius every time that is always perpendicular to the top.

Great for countertops, tables, etc.

Cuts material up to 2" thick.

Complete with D-handle router and carbide bit.

Simply hold router on corner with one hand and pivot with the other hand.

With the edge of the pivoting base flat against the stop plate,

slide adjustment bolt to desired radius and tighten.

Graduated base gives instant reading of radius without measuring.

Complete Package Includes:

  • Makita 2 1/4 hp D-handle router
  • Corner Rounding base
  • Carbide 1/2" dia. bit
  • Adjusting tools


Replacement Bits can be found here.

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