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Vacuum Table - Complete with Stand and Air-Vacuum Pump

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Vacuum Table - Complete with Stand and Air-Vacuum Pump
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Vacuum Plate is 14 5/8" square and 1/2" thick.

Pneumatic Vacuum Pump included.  Can be used with existing electric vacuum pump (not included)

Pneumatic vacuum pump uses compressed air to generate vacuum.

Approximately 85 psi air will create 27.5"Hg and will consume 1.9 scfm of air when on.

Machined aluminum plate has a "checkerboard" pattern to accept the gasket.  simply move gasket  to hold different shape or size.

Sturdy steel stand provides a rigid work surface and can be bolted to the floor if needed.

Complete units include:

  • 14 5/8" Vacuum Plate
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Pump
  • Steel Stand
  • Air Valve (On-Off switch)
  • Airlines for vacuum
  • Assembly Hardware
  • 60" gasket

Replacement Foam gaskets available.


Don't need the stand?  Want to build your own or mount it to an existing table?

You can find the individual components below:

Pneumatic Vacuum Pump w/hose, switch and fittings available separately

14 5/8" Square Vacuum Plate available separately.