Unagauge Complete Set
  • Instant incremental readings of .001" with a dial indicator - while making adjustments.
  • Precision machined aluminum components for accurate height measurements up to 3" and depth readings to 2" deep with accessory contact point.
  • Fast accessory and component changes without tools for quick and easy use.
  • Rare earth magnets hold gauge securely in place on steel surfaces.
  • Simple repositioning of legs bridges indicator over surfaces from laminate trimmer bases to shapers, or allows cantilevered support.
  • Modular design provides multiple vertical or horizontal indicator positions along support bar.
  • Durable anodized aluminum components ensure accuracy and a lifetime of use.
  • Dial indicator with 1" travel and .001" accuracy
  • Two support legs with rare earth magnetic base
  • Indicator support bar
  • Miter slot adapter with spring loaded bearing
  • 1/2" adapter for router collects and drill press chucks
  • Shaper spindle adapter
  • Ball contact point
  • 1/4" flat contact point
  • 1 1/4" flat contact point
  • Offset contact point
  • Small storage case for contact points and hardware
  • Foam lined hard plastic carrying case  [Click to view]
UNA-GAUGE Instructions
Universal Design
Thanks to the Universal design, the UNA-GAUGE can easily be configured in hundreds of ways to accommodate adjustments and alignment on almost any tool or machine. [Click here to see different configurations]
  • Modular design allows use for vertical or horizontal measurements.
  • 4 Height mounting positions along the legs allow accurate height measurements up to 3" and depth readings to 2".
  • 6 Leg mounting locations along the indicator support bar adapt to different sizes and shapes of the reference surface.
  • 4 Indicator locations along the indicator support bar enable the dial indicator to either span over a measurement point or cantilever from one side.
  • Unique indicator clamping system allows the dial indicator to be rotated 360 and mounted vertically, horizontally, or even inverted.
Applications for the UNA-GAUGE
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