Edge Band Trimmer

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Trims edge banding and laminate perfectly flush.  No need to file or sand after trimming.

Trims straight edges, circular top, inside or outside corners and radius.

Adjustable base angle cuts up to a 10° bevel with the same bit.

Cuts flush regardless of the edge angle.  (90°, 45°, hexagon forms, etc.)

Extremely accurate cuts are obtained by using the entire base to gauge depth of cut.  

No high speed bearings to worry about.  No marking or damage from bearing failure.

Will NOT follow defects in substrate.

Superior cut leaves no ridges or chatter marks.

Will not damage melamine surfaces.


Complete package includes:

  • Bosch PR20E router
  • Single roller guide
  • Double roller guide - For trimming circles
  • Straight guide
  • Two flute carbide tipped bit
  • Adjusting tools
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