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File-Rite Trimmer

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File-Rite Trimmer
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Trim Laminates without filing.  No matter what grade of laminate you are cutting.

Trim the edge of the laminate and slightly radius the top edge for a smooth finished edge.

Our File-Rite Trimmer offers complete adjustability.  It provides a very fine adjustment of the horizontal guide. 

This lets you create a flush edge and control how much radius is cut to the top of the laminate.

The File-Rite does NOT use any high speed bearings to guide the bit.  This eliminates glue build up, damage, or marking of the surface.

The solid guide system will not allow over cutting or marking of the surface, even if the trimmer is tipped.

The File-Rite Trimmer can also be used on outside radius.




Choose your brand

Complete seaming routers are available in two motor options

- Bosch Colt Trim Router - PR20E

- Porter-Cable Trim Router - PCE6435

Complete kit includes Router, Base, adjusting tool, and bit

Already have the routers you can also order it as a base only option.

- Bosch Colt PR20E Base 

- Porter-Cable PCE6435 Base

- Porter-Cable 7310 Base

Base only option includes base, adjusting tools, and bit.


Replacement Bit TTB500

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