SINK-PRO - Solid Surface Sink Clamping System

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Solid Surface Sink Clamping System

The professional's first choice for accurate sink clamping! 

Accurate positioning and positive clamping is a one step operation with SINK-PRO


Unique Pivoting Clamp
The ultra solid base is used for sink positioning. Clamp head rotates to remove the sink and apply adhesive.

Spring-Tensioned Head
Engineered to keep the correct Constant Force on sink flange. No Over-Tightening.

Adjustable Machined Base
Clamp head slides easily allowing for various sized sink flanges.

High Density Solid Polymer Body
Solid Surface adhesives will not bond, Hot-Melt adhesives release with ease.

Won’t Distort Deck Or Sink
Unlike clamping through drain holes or applying weight. Sink-Pro is designed to apply tension only on the sink flange.

On-Board Release Device
Quick and easy thumbscrew replaces denatured alcohol and chisels to remove the clamp base.


SINK-PRO is ideal for all under-mount sinks, including solid surface, porcelain, stainless, brass, etc.

Also works great for plug repairs and field seam reinforcement strips.


GL600 - Six pack of the SINK-PRO clamps includes 2 extension rods and sample pack of hot glue.

GL1200 - Twelve pack of the SINK-PRO clamps includes 4 extension rods and a sample pack of hot glue.

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