Surface Leveling Router

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Clean up excess glue flush with the surface all the way into the corner.

 Quickly removes excess glue from the surface of solid surfacing material.

Aluminum parts are hard-coated for durability — won’t mar solid surface material

Fine adjustments provide excellent results.

Preset to cut 3/8” from inside corner to match radius of cove.

Can be set to cut completely into a 90° joint.

Ideal when gluing up for coves, deck seams, inlays, etc.

Will not overheat glue line or inlays like sanding.


Complete Package Includes:

  • Bosch Colt PR20 Router
  • Surface Leveling Router Base
  • 2" dia. 6 wing carbide bit
  • Adjusting tools


Replacement Cutter

Replacement Arbor & Screw

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