Seaming Router

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We offer two different tools for cutting joints in laminate: Do you need the Underscribe or Seaming

When using the Underscribe Router both pieces of laminate are glued in place with one over-lapping the
other. The Underscribe guides off the bottom piece and cuts the over-lapping piece for a perfect fit.

When using the Seaming Router both pieces of laminate cannot be glued in place, one piece may be
glued and the other clamped, or both pieces are clamped in place with one piece over-lapping the other.
The Seaming Router cuts both pieces of laminate at the same time, leaving an 1/8” gap between the
pieces after cutting so one piece must be re-positioned.


Seaming Router 

  • Quickly cuts perfect joints in large laminate sheets.  
  • Cuts both pieces of laminate at the same time for a perfect seam.
  • Ideal when laminates come together at a miter.  No difficult placement of jig.
  • Joint can be cut in place.  No need to remove laminate from position to cut.
  • Can be used on all plastic laminates.  Works great on wood veneer and aluminum laminates with the use of a spiral down cut bit.



One sheet is placed down and fastened firmly. Then align the other sheet, lapping from 1/8" to 7/8".

One sheet may be glued down, but the top sheet must move 1/8". 

Clamps can be used, but rubber coated vise grips are much faster.

On joints over 25" place clamps on all four corners.

Edge of bottom sheet must be reasonably straight.


Choose your brand

Complete seaming routers are available in two motor options

- Bosch Colt Trim Router - PR20

- Porter-Cable Trim Router - PCE6430

Complete kit includes Router, Base, adjusting tool, and solid carbide 1/8" bit.

Already have the routers you can also order it as a base only option.

- Bosch Colt PR20E Base 

- Porter-Cable PCE6430 Base

- Porter-Cable 7310 Base

Base only option includes base, adjusting tools, and solid carbide 1/8" bit.


Replacement Bit SC125

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