PVC Trim Router

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New larger vacuum port for increased suction means less mess. 

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Trim and radius PVC edging flush with the surface of any shape panel and radius in ONE PASS!

Unique cutting bit specifically designed for this tool enable you to trim and radius edging without steps or gouging.

Easily adjustable guide bearing permits consistent cuts on straight or curved edges, inside and outside radius.

Guide bearing is not connected to the bit and will not damage PVC edging.

Creates a profile similar to large edge banding machines.

Rigid aluminum construction for accuracy and dependability.

Vacuum port and wiper brush keeps debris clear of guide bearing for smooth consistent cuts.

Easy operation does not require special skills or training.


Bits are available for 3mm, 2mm, or 1mm edging.


Complete package includes:

  • Dewalt DWP611 router
  • Carbide bit for 3mm PVC edging
  • Adjusting tools
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