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Tru-Cut Blade Insert System. CL-512. Fits Craftsman & Ridgid 14 X 3 3/4 inch, Stock insert thickness 1/8 inch or less

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Tru-Cut Blade Insert System.  CL-512. Fits Craftsman & Ridgid 14 X 3 3/4 inch, Stock insert thickness 1/8 inch or less
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  • Patented design is precision engineered to maximize the performance of your table saw and blades.
  • Machined flat aluminum, mirrors table surface completely to blade, giving unparalleled support.
  • Leveling system insures accuracy, spring loaded side plungers position insert, prevents vibration.
  • Solid phenolic replaceable inserts. Available in 2 packs and 4 packs.
  • Significantly increases safety and decreases kickback, pre-machined for factory splitter/guard.



Manufactured in the USA to the highest standards. These quality zero-clearance inserts are machined from ½” thick solid billet aluminum for a lifetime of use and engineered for the best possible performance and safety.

Table saw surfaces are machined flat, the TRU-CUT Insert extends that accuracy closer to the blade with a machined aluminum body that is impervious to climatic changes unlike most factory supplied, plastic, or shop made inserts.

The two-stage leveling system insures unparalleled accuracy while spring-loaded plungers are incorporated to eliminate vibration, movement, and provide simple use. Bottom side relief cuts for arbor and splitter allow saw blades to make full depth cuts at any angle.

True zero-clearance reduces chipping and splintering along cut with full support of small or narrow work piece to prevent twisting, tilting or vertical movement that can cause kickback, insert is pre-machined to accept factory guard/splitter for safety. Does not fit saws with riving knife.

Red anodized surface will not wear off easily like paint and immediately draws attention to the “danger zone” near the blade.

Durable phenolic kerf Inserts are easily replaced allowing insert to be used with any 10” saw blade or dado blades up to 13/16” wide for 90º cuts. Insert is supplied with one phenolic Kerf Insert with pre-machined starter groove for initial cut, additional inserts sold separately



  • Aluminum insert body.
  • 1 phenolic insert.
  • all hardware and wrench needed for installation.


Please Note:

Approximate insert dimensions: 3 3/4" x 14" x 3/8" to 3/16" thick - Does not work with riving knifes.

If you are unsure if this insert will fit your saw take a look this PDF for more information or give us a call.

Craftsman and Rigid saws have been produced with many model numbers that will accept the TRU-CUT Inserts. We have found checking width, length, and thickness dimensions of the insert to be the most reliable method of verifying fit.

Images of complete units are for reference only and may be a different model.