Solid Surface Sink Clamping System
The Professional’s Only Choice For Accurate Sink Clamping!


Adjustable Machined Base

Clamp head slides easily allowing for various sized sink flanges.

Spring-Tensioned Head

Engineered to keep constant force on sink flange. No over-tightening.

Unique Pivoting Clamp

The ultra solid base is used for sink positioning. clamp head rotates to remove the sink and apply adhesive.

Accurate Positioning and Positive Clamping is now a One-Step Operation






Won’t Distort Deck or Sink

Unlike clamping through drain holes or applying weight. Sink-Pro is designed to apply tension directly on the sink flange.

Space-Age Polymer Body

Solid Surface adhesives will not bond, Hot-melt adhesives release with ease.







On-Board Release Device

Ingenious thumbscrew replaces denatured alcohol and chisels to remove the clamp base.

The Betterley SINK-PRO Simply does it Better!

1) Position sink on deck, simply adhere clamping bases around sink with hot-melt adhesive.

2) Remove sink and apply seaming adhesive, replace sink and simply lift clamping knob and pivot clamp over sink flange.

3) After adhesive is cured, simply turn release knob to remove clamp.


It’s time to add SINK-PRO to your tool box!