V-Grooving Router

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Create perfect drop edges or integral backsplashes fast


The Betterley V-Grooving Router is designed to miter fold 1/2 ” thick solid surface material. Easy adjusting fence allows you to miter fold edges from 1 ” to 6” wide, making it the ideal tool to produce dropped edges (or aprons) up to 6” high, fold up backsplashes, drop table edges, etc. Miter folding saves time by eliminating joints with adhesive buildup on the finished surface that would have to be routed and sanded after assembly. Because our V-Grooving Router produces near perfectly mated parts, the resulting joint is nearly invisible.

SAVES TIME - Reduces Labor involved in producing built up edges.

PRODUCES quality products - tight mitered joint is virtually invisible and allows patterns to flow over an edge.

EASY SET-UP - Depth of cut does not require adjustment for variances in material thickness.

QUICK PAYBACK - Produces quality products in minimal time.

PERFECT for material with a pattern - Pattern will match from top to edge.

IDEAL for countertops, backsplashes, table tops, islands, etc.

PORTABLE - This is a handheld tool.  Take it to the work piece or mount it to a table.

CLEAN - Dust collection at the bit virtually eliminates the mess.


Complete Package Includes:

  • 3 1/4 hp production duty router
  • V-Grooving Base
  • Carbide spiral bit
  • Adjusting Wrenches


V-Grooving Tape (Highly recommended)

Replacement Bits - VG-750





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