If you work with laminates, you know that trimming and finishing is not just a one step process. The NEW Betterley TWIN-TRIM Router trims and completely finishes the laminate in two consecutive steps using just one tool!









A unique stepped base allows you to trim the laminate within a 1/16" on the first pass. Just turn the router around and the final pass trims flush and eases the top edge.

FAST                            No Filing of laminate.                   No adjustment between cuts.      One tool completes both operations.
VERSATILE                            Completely adjustable horizontally and vertically for any thickness of laminate with just one bit.                  No mistakes, can not over-cut laminate.                Replaces multiple routers and hand tools.
ACCURATE                                   Non-Marring guide will not damage laminate.  Straight guide produces chatter free cuts.             Fine adjustments produce exact cuts.

First Pass trims within 1/16"

Flip router around!

Final pass trims flush and eases top edge.